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Quinceanera Moments Quinceanera Moments

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Engagement Video of Rebecca and Johnny. Engagement 1 Rebecca and Johnny

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Wedding of Caitlyn & Dustin These are selected photos of the wedding of Caitlyn & Dustin, a wonderful couple to work with. Caitlyn wore her mother's wedding dress that had a beautiful Caitlyn & Dustin long train.

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Beatriz and Jesus at Ardovino's Desert Crossing This is a slideshow of select photos of the wedding of Beatriz and Jesus.  Great couple, very photogenic and delightful to work with.  For you photographers out there, the lighting in the reception at Ardovino's Desert Crossing consisted of two to three Nikon SB910s.  My assistant Shilpa provided backlighting of the couple handholding an SB910.  Another SB910 was placed next to the DJ about 3 ft off the floor.  Each flash was mounted on a Pocket Wizard FlexTT5 while a Pocket Wizard MiniTT1 and an AC3 controller was mounted on a Nikon D3. The flash for occasional backlighting was set for 1/8th power. Because of changing lighting conditions in the hall, camera settings were manual (125th sec, F3.5, ISO 1000) while off-camera flash was in TTL which can easily be adjusted by the AC3 controller on the D3.  As you can see by the photos, using off-camera flash can take your photography to the next level by giving your photos depth, dimension, and mood. Photos pop out and gives them almost a three dimensional appearance that clients love. Beatriz & Jesus

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Norma and Ruben's Engagement CWP_7270CWP_7270(COOKWIRE.COM These are some pics from Norma and Ruben's engagement shoot from last Sunday at Union Plaza. They are such a friendly couple and will be married in Sept. Many family members were at the photoshoot to make it a fun experience for everyone. Notice the 1949 restored Plymouth. What a car!!! Some technical data on the equipment used: For rim lighting I used a Nikon SB910. The main light was also a Nikon SB910 mounted in a Wescott 20" Rapid Box Octa. The Rapid Box Octa provides beautiful soft shadow free light. In the back seat of the restored 1949 Plymouth was an SB910 pointed up.

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Ten Commandments to Great Wedding Photography by Jason Lanier

I think this is a great video for all photographers that shoot weddings and for brides to be.  Some of the information that Jason Lanier talks about may be seen as sensitive issues but are valuable to think about.

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El Paso Skyline These photos of the El Paso Skyline were shot last year and are available for purchase.  Sizes vary from a 12"x18" to a panoramic view of 12"x36".  They are not printed on poster paper but on true photographic paper by a professional photo lab.  My logo will be appropriately placed on the final print.  Please call for prices.

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Engagement Video of Stephanie and Rudy Stephanie and Rodolfo (otherwise known as Rudy or Roodie) are to be married next month. This engagement shoot was taken on the grounds of the Foster Medical School here in El Paso.  The couple had a lot of fun together and were great to work with. They are spontaneous, kind and easy to work with. The lighting that I used were two Nikon SB910's and the Pocketwizard Minitt1 and Flextt5 wireless system, which by the way, is an outstanding wireless system. My assistant Shilpa provided the backlighting which provides nice rim lighting and accents to the hair. 

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50's Style Wedding This is a recent 50's style wedding that was so much fun to shoot. The couple had a 1955 restored Chevy that served as a great addition to the photoshoot. 

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Congratulations Ashton & Garson My congratulations to Ashton and Garson on their wedding last week in Las Cruces.  They're a wonderful couple to work with. This is a sample video that comes with one of my wedding packages.  You can choose up to 100 of your favorite wedding photos and I will make a high definition video with music of your choice to treasure your wedding memories.

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Deyanira & Juan Wedding Video 1 This is a slideshow of some wedding images that I took on Saturday.  They were a great couple to photograph and were very spontaneous. For those photographers out there, note the use of off-camera flash. It makes your images "pop" and appear almost three dimensional. 

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Brianna's Quinceanera This is a slideshow I created of a recent Quinceanera.  It was a special event for Brianna because her uncle who is a Marine was able to attend.  They are very close and you can see by the photos of them together that his presence made her very happy.   Quinceanera

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E Paso Musician This is a slideshow of El Paso musician Armando Rodriguez who will be coming out with a music album in Feb. 2014.  I was fortunate enough to be able to take the photos which will be used for his new album.  The shoot took place at various sites in Socorro and San Elizario.  If you desire more information about his album, please contact me. 2.Konawaena vs HPA-862.Konawaena vs HPA-86

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Engagement Shoot at White Sands This was a recent engagement shoot at White Sands. Their wedding will be next year. Along with the couple was their very friendly 8 month old Labrador Penny who had a ball running through the sands.  

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Some photos from a Hindu Wedding last week. These are a few photos from Seema and Anuj's wedding last week. It was a very colorful event and the couple were great to work with. Many family members came from out of town to join the celebration which included a dinner and dance at the Wyndham Hotel, the ceremony at the Southwest Hindu Temple and the reception at the Doubletree in downtown El Paso.

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Engagement shoot for an upcoming Hindu wedding This is a video of an engagement shoot for a Hindu wedding that begins tomorrow. It is a 4 day event with the reception terminating on Sunday. This is the second Hindu wedding this year, and it is a very colorful event. The couple is coming from out of town and are great to work with. I will be posting pics after the wedding. Indian Wedding

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Attention photo enthusiasts Hello fellow photo enthusiasts, whether you are an amateur, just starting out in photography, or semi-pro, I will be offering a free outing/fieldtrip of two or three hours of hands-on practice on the grounds of the new Foster Medical School on Sat. Oct. 5th at 2:30pm. The school is on the corner of Reynolds and Alameda. It is limited to 8 individuals so I can answer individual questions. Feel free to email me at
Hope to see many of you there.

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